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Wednesdays 430p-6p Biweekly

In grief, we need comforting and understanding. Too often, what we get instead is advice; well-meant advice, but often bad advice. In the group, we may have different experiences: for some, the loss may have been sudden and unexpected; for others, it may have progressed gradually over the course of months or years. But we can find common ground and a safe place in group in which we can work through our feelings together, providing each other the comfort and understanding we seek.

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This group is co-led by a couple offering real life experience in addition to clinical knowledge. Co-leader, Bryan is free from 15 years of drug and alcohol addiction, while LaToya is a Licensed Professional Counselor. They both have a relationship with Jesus, but welcome people of all beliefs as they ensure you feel loved. In the past group they got to journey with people through grief, anxiety, depression, and recovery from porn and drug addiction. Then, life change happened. Hope, peace, and joy was restored. Experience the growth and transformation others have by joining this FREE group!

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Fridays 1p-2p (2nd & 4th monthly)

The weight of being a provider, a supportive partner to your wife or girlfriend, a father, a student can make you feel there is no room to address your own issues. If you find the time to acknowledge your struggles, you feel guilty or uncomfortable sharing with loved ones. Even men need a safe space. Gain tools to conquer porn, depression, anxiety, stress, and communication challenges.

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