Wednesday 12p-1p Biweekly
Friday 12p-1p Biweekly

The weight of being a provider, a supportive partner to your wife or girlfriend, a father, a student can make you feel there is no room to address your own issues. If you find the time to acknowledge your struggles, you feel guilty or uncomfortable sharing with loved ones. Even men need a safe space. Gain tools to conquer porn, depression, anxiety, stress, and communication challenges.

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Wednesdays 430p-6p Biweekly

This group is for women wanting a better balance of their many roles and responsibilities. It's challenging to care for others when you don't take proper care of yourselves. Share victories and struggles of anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships, etc., while receiving clinical skills to be more effective in your expression and healthy in your heart.

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Fridays 12p-1p Biweekly

Are you short on time, but committed to your personal development as a woman? This group is all about quality or quantity. Gain skills to grow in your ability to steward your time, talents, and relationships you treasure with other ladies who want to do the same!