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This FREE group is co-led by a couple offering real life experience in addition to clinical knowledge. Co-leader, Bryan is free from 15 years of drug and alcohol addiction, while LaToya is a Licensed Professional Counselor. The leaders are committed to foster a hopeful and helpful community among hurting people that go beyond a depressing meetup. They both have a relationship with Christ, but welcome people of all walks of life as their goal is to make sure you feel loved. If you're struggling emotionally or with substances, this is your sign, please connect with us!


Individual sessions provide a safe space for you to process the pleasant, the painful, and the undetermined areas of your life with a mental health professional. Therapy allows you to take the bandaid off at your pace and begin your journey of true emotional healing. Sessions will offer you the tools necessary to overcome issues like anxiety, stress, depression, life transitions, relational conflicts, porn addiction, identity, and coping in a crisis.


In my couples therapy sessions, we’ll work to realize the benefits of positive thinking and behavior as well as the dangers in the lack thereof. I will guide you through steps to reconcile issues in the relationship. Then, provide you tools to “re-frame” your reactions and ultimately give your relationship a reset that you desperately need. If you are looking for pre-marital counseling to avoid pitfalls in your future marriage I offer that as well. Get in touch to book an appointment.


I am an approved supervisor registered through the VA Board of Counseling. I am the product of great LPC supervisors and because I had such great experiences I want to pass along the wisdom and support I received so you too can fulfill your residency requirements.

The cost is $100 and offered in an individual format for 1hr weekly.


Sexual Prevention groups are currently held for male teenagers who have engaged in inappropriate sexual acts, struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors or even thoughts. They do not have to become your teen's identity, but hiding the issues don't help anyone. Relapse prevention groups provide youth a confidential environment with peers similar to themselves to realize unhealthy patterns, reconcile impacted relationships, and reset with a support team by their side. The group meets bi-weekly, is ongoing, and has spots available for new teens!

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